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Why you should rent beamers instead of buying them!

Let the following reasons convince you and rent at BEAMEREI

 Avoid high acquisition costs:

If the beamer and the associated technology is not used very often, it will not meet the usually very high purchase price. Save these costs and rent your beamer when you really need it.

 No space concerns during storage: 

One of the most practical advantages of renting is of course that there is no need to store the often bulky additional equipment such as screens or loudspeakers. Even though most beamers nowadays seem to be easily transportable and relatively compact, the accessories as screens and loudspeakers are often quite a challenge. Therefore rent instead of buying and save space, time and of course money. 

 Unbeatable support from our side:

At BEAMEREI you will of course receive the necessary technical support for the correct operation of the equipment when you rent it, or you will be informed about the technical details by our competent team. Nerve-wracking battles with the technology, which cost a lot of time when setting up the perfect event, are avoided by our excellent customer service! 

 Avoid technical obsolescence and loss of value: 

Probably the most compelling reason why you should prefer to rent the equipment In our fast-moving world, beamers and technical equipment become obsolete in no time at all. A device is usually completely technically outdated after only a few years and you will have little enjoyment of the beamer apart from the strong loss in value. That is why you rent your equipment directly from BEAMEREI to get the latest model of your choice at any time.

 Rent the environment for the love of the environment: 

Our philosophy for founding and continuing our company provides another plea for renting the equipment: Make a contribution to a sustainable world, move away from the throwaway society and become part of the sharing community with your rent, which has distinguished BEAMEREI for some time now.