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The Greißler Wien shines as our loyal partner for the collection of our technical equipment. The perfect functioning of our cooperation is based on mutual interest in the pursuit of sustainability, by turning away from the throwaway society. 

Our alliance with Boomerank strengthens our online presence in the long term and offers us opportunities for the extended generation of hits on our website. Thanks to the unique analysis tools provided by Boomerank software, we feel well prepared for new challenges in the eCommerce field. 

BEAMEREI also forms alliances within the industry. With you will find a strong partner who specialises in events with a large number of guests and equips them with excellent equipment. 

With MGL-Videoservices we have found an excellent partner for video production. This impresses with many years of experience in the video industry, no matter whether production, editing or live streaming is required. This is also clearly visible in the references, where renowned companies have already put their trust in MGL.